How To Avoid Metabolic Slowdown

April 9, 2024
How To Avoid Metabolic Slowdown

90% of diets fail, leaving about 45 million Americans at any given point in time in a hopeless endeavor to lose weight or keep it off. So why do they fail?

An overwhelming body of scientific literature now explicitly shows that failure to lose weight is about biology, NOT psychology. Specifically, a phenomenon called Adaptive Thermogenesis, AKA “Metabolic Slowdown,” is the culprit. 

Metabolic Slowdown occurs when your body starts to burn fewer calories than what’s expected for your weight, age, and gender. When this happens, your initial calorie deficit (e.g., eating 500 kcal less from what you burn) is no longer enough to make you lose weight because your body is now burning fewer calories. At this point, many will wrongfully try to cut calorie intake even more and further exacerbate their Metabolic Slowdown. 

So how do you avoid Metabolic Slowdown? Metabolic Slowdown occurs when you follow a nutrition and workout program that’s not compatible with your metabolism. Examples would be eating too few carbohydrates, doing too much cardio or exercise in general, or cutting calories too much too soon.   

The PNOĒ RMR test provides the clinical gold standard for analyzing your metabolism and determining the ideal calorie and macronutrient intake along with the optimal workout plan (i.e. strength and endurance) your biology needs to increase metabolism lose weight sustainably. Remember! A diet program is truly successful if you end up having to eat more than before at the end of it!

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