How A Year At The LAB Can Transform You

December 12, 2022
How A Year At The LAB Can Transform You

For those who are patient and determined enough to stay consistent for a year - major results happen. Don't just take our word for it! Read the results from the ultra consistent member of the LAB, JB Purcell! 

Where did you come from, where are you now, and where is your path leading?

I joined EnduraLAB a year ago, looking for a change. My weight had been increasing year after year, fueled by numerous poor eating and exercise habits. On the day I started EnduraLAB, my weight had reached 350 lbs. After almost ten years of trying all the diet fads and trends, I decided to try something new.

I'd never been to a gym with group classes focused on strength and endurance. My only experience with the gym was going to the big-name gyms bouncing from machine to machine in hopes of losing weight. It did not work for me as I did not have the knowledge or understanding of exercise physiology to plan workouts that would produce results.

Jumping to the day of joining that lab, I remember thinking, "why not give it a shot? I've tried everything else at this point." Today, after my first year at the lab, I've lost 105 lbs and reached beyond my first target goal of 250 lbs! Over time, I've realized there are other metrics than just the numbers on the scale, but for me, the first thing I wanted to tackle was my weight. I've learned many things on my journey, but one of the most significant is that fitness is a lifelong journey. It is not something to do for one year and then stop once I've hit my goal. It is something I intend to continue for however long I have in this life. For my next milestone, I'd like to focus on hitting a weight of 230 lbs while building lean muscle and lowering my body fat % over the next year.

What brought you to Enduralab:

My former co-worker Zach Jackson mentioned the gym and told me how amazing it had been for him over the past couple of years. I was looking for a change and decided to give it a try. I signed up after my first class!

What were the first weeks/months like? What are some of the changes I've noticed?

The first week at the lab was memorable for me. In all honesty, my body was not used to the intensity of the workouts, but I knew the soreness my body was feeling led to growth. After about three weeks, my body started to acclimate to the workouts, and after a few months, the soreness came less often. One of the most significant changes I noticed after working out for a couple of months was that I wasn't always out of breath in my day-to-day activities. When you weigh 350 lbs, everyday activities are a bit more challenging. After six months, my sleep apnea went away completely. And after eight months, my resting heart rate had lowered from 70 to 54 bpm. The first three months were the most critical part of my journey, as that is when new habits began to form. Success in anything is only as good as one's ability to stick with the habits we create until they become an essential part of our life. I learned early that success in weight loss comes from only the ability to maintain a caloric deficit. However, having structured EnduraLAB workouts fueled my desire to clean up my eating. I did not have to do any guesswork to determine what workout to do. It was a matter of simply showing up every single day. My unhealthy eating habits faded as I continued doing the workouts. 

Regarding my eating habits, I alternated day fasting for approximately six months. I.e., Fasting one day, 1600 calories the next day, repeat. While seemingly a bit extreme, once I proved to myself that I could fast for a day, it became easier to accept that it was possible. 

What are some of the highlights from last year? How has life changed?

The weight loss and everything that comes with that has, hands down, been the highlight of this year. EnduraLAB has been a significant proponent in allowing me to live free of my former body's restrictions. I'm no longer held down physically or mentally in my daily activities or doing the things I love, like traveling. The lifestyle change is night and day, and EnduraLAB's community, coaches, and curriculum have helped turn my life around in many ways. 

What advice for current and future members?

The intentional forming of new habits has been the single most crucial factor for me and my journey. Everyone finds their own ways to achieve their goals, but for me, this is what worked. I heard for many years that "you have to just stay motivated," but after a month, I realized motivation has nothing to do with it. It is the dedication to show up even when you don't feel motivated to work out. Lastly, I look back at the initial struggle of pushing my body to work out every day for about eight months. At the time, it was challenging, but that challenge is diminutive to the freedom I now have in living a better and more fulfilled life.

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