Holiday Hustle Success Stories

December 9, 2022
Holiday Hustle Success Stories

Every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, enduraLAB hosts a consistency challenge that focuses on getting in the gym every day AND not gaining those added holiday pounds. As you know, everything is better with an accountability buddy, so our members get to bring a guests. We asked a few of last year’s Holiday Hustle guests, who became full-on members post challenge, a few questions about their journey since they first started!

Lauren Doane

Since the last Holiday Hustle, how have you grown? 

I think I've grown in terms of being more comfortable getting outside my comfort zone.  I had never been part of a gym "community" before, and was always too intimidated to try workouts that incorporated any kind of heavy weights.  Enduralab has certainly helped me come out of my shell, in more ways than one.

What gains have you seen? 

Box jumps! I have never been able to do a proper box jump and the first workout where I was able to do several rounds of them, felt like I was invincible! 

What has surprised you about yourself? 

How empowered these workouts, the coaches, and the community make me feel.  There's no judgment at the 'Lab, only encouragement.  I never realized how important that would become for me, but working as a mental health therapist, I'm often drained (in more ways than one) and the gym has become such a source of respite and positivity for me.

What goals do you have for yourself this time around?

Aaaaallllllll the heavy weights! I want to go up in my deadlifts, snatches, bench presses, you name it.

Matt Doane

What gains have you seen? 

Biggest gain would be new friends and the community as a whole. I've enjoyed getting to know the crew and members. 

What goals do you have for yourself this time around?

For next year I hope to keep up the same consistency and maybe enter an event or two to have something specific to train for.

David Fredmonski

How have you grown since last Hustle?

Somewhat cheesy but I will say that the main growth I’ve seen is self confidence. About a year ago, I was honestly intimidated to walk into this gym. I rarely incorporated the barbell into workouts prior to coming to EnduraLab. 

In a years time my lifts have improved across the board in weight I can put up and form. At the start of last years Hustle, I didn’t even have the mobility to do shoulder dislocates. Additionally, I would stay away from squats and deadlifts since fracturing my back a few years prior. Holiday Hustle was the beginning of changing that. 

Lee welcomed me from the start with some one on one assistance. Becca helped me relearn how to properly squat and adjusted her guidance based upon my flexibility or lack there of at times. Front rack squats were impossible for me to do a year ago. Blake got me comfortable deadlifting and getting a decent amount of weight off the ground. Who knew picking heavy things up and putting them down can bring so much joy. Zach helped increase the weight I could bench press as well as improved my form on overhead press and snatch. There’s been an incredible amount of learning over the past year and I’m grateful to have such passionate coaches and be surrounded by a gym full of such hard working and kind, encouraging folks. I whole heartedly enjoy walking into this gym and being part of the EnduraLab community.

What gains have you seen?

What has surprised you about yourself?

What goals do I have this time around?

We are so proud of these hustlers and look forward to following up with this years guests in 2023!

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