Healthy Fast Food Options in Fort Worth

Isis Hargrave
May 8, 2022
Healthy Fast Food Options in Fort Worth

I often get asked, “Where do you go in Fort Worth when you need a quick bite?” I can tell you one thing, you will rarely find me going through a drive-thru. Mostly because it just does not sound appealing and I know the consequences. However, we are all human, and there is going to be a time when you did not pack your lunch or need a last-minute meal. So, I’ve compiled a list of few of my favorite healthier options in Fort Worth to get when you are in a pinch. 

Snap Kitchen

For those who are limited in food prep time or need something to grab and go, I always suggest Snap Kitchen. The meals are balanced and come in different portioned sizes. There is something for everyone. I would suggest getting larger portions if you are trying to gain muscle mass as calories in most of the meals are low. Tip: stock up on meals for the week.

Juice Junkies

You can grab fresh-squeezed juices and fresh smoothies. We love that the ingredients are super fresh. Tip: always add protein to the smoothies. They also carry some grab and go foods. This would be an ideal snack or post workout meal.

Righteous Foods

For breakfast, our go-to’s are the greek yogurt and berries, the paleontology and the swine burrito. Coach lee will get an orange dreamy smoothie and we will most likely order two americanos - black. If you want to keep it on the healthier side, avoid the sweet treats and processed carbs.

Taco Heads

I will legitimately crave a salad from Taco Heads. It’s not some skimpy little salad, its a big box of delicious veggies. I usually order double shrimp, but any protein would be great. If you are wanting tacos, that’s great as well as they are street style (small and light) and also very good!


Cookshack is known for its fried chicken. However, they have an amazing kale salad topped with grilled chicken. I love that it has parmesan cheese for added protein and fat. Make sure to get the dressing on the side so you can control how much is added to your salad.


CAVA is the Mediterranean chipotle. With any build your own, you have to be careful as you continue to add ingredients because the calories add up resulting in a 900-1000 cal bowl or pita wrap. If you stick to mostly veggies, protein and light dressings, you should be good to go.


Chiptole is the mexican CAVA. (hehe) Same goes here when it comes to watching how much you add to your bowl/burrito. I would stick to salad bowls for lighter calories. If you go for the burrito, watch the amount of rice and added ingredients. Adding guacamole is encouraged, but I would scoop half of it off and save for later as they give you WAY more than you need for one meal. A good measurement would be about a thumb for women and two thumbs for men of guac and/or dressing. 

Hatsuyuki Handrolls 

This is a pure treat as the price point is high. When I was experimenting with monitoring my blood glucose, I realized that my blood sugar spiked tremendously after consuming handrolls. You wouldn’t think it would do that because it’s just fish and rice with seaweed. The trick here is to get as much protein as you can first, then go for the rolls. So, my advice would be to get sashimi and then I usually eat 6 handrolls on my own! You don’t have to eat that much…but I do. :)

Have you found any places you love that you think I should add to my list? I would love to hear them!

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