Gym Bag Essentials

October 19, 2021
Gym Bag Essentials

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The enduraLAB coaches often like to share their insight to great products designed to make your fitness journey a success. This month, we wanted to share our favorite handy gym essentials: everything from face wash to a lifting belt. We believe it’s the details that can make all the difference when working out.

As it stands, your gym bag likely already includes the basics: sneakers, athletic shorts or tights and Bluetooth earbuds. Below are a dozen or so additional things that will prepare you for both the expected and unexpected.

Fitness tracking device such as an Apple Watch or Garmin

Reusable water bottle (dishwasher safe)

Small towel

An extra enduraLAB tee or tank

Soothing muscle rub (Coach Lee recommends Dr. Bronner)

SFH Push

SFH Whey protein

enduraLAB BlenderBottle

First aid kit

Extra pair of athletic socks

Lacrosse ball for mobility and recovery


We also gathered a few no-brainers for your bag, which means they are the easiest items to forget to pack. These include: deodorant, 2-in-1 soap, face wash, chap stick and lotion.

Planning to lift heavy? Coach Staci recommends Nike Lifters, Exo Knee Sleeves and a lift belt.

If you still need to buy a bag, Coach Lee suggests the UnderArmour CORDURA® Range Duffle. This bag does it all with a laptop sleeve, shoe compartment and plenty of pockets for your gym essentials. There’s also room to toss in a jump rope and Rogue Monster Bands for the perfect on-the-go workout. Plus it’s versatile, so it can be carried like a traditional duffel or a backpack.

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