Goal Setting: Tips on Setting the Right Goals

October 19, 2021
Goal Setting: Tips on Setting the Right Goals

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Good morning,

We came across two interesting tidbits about goal setting that can have a major impact on how you feel mentally … and also your likelihood of actually achieving your goals! 

First: You should actually WANT to achieve a goal. Too many times we go after certain goals because we THINK we should … not because we actually want to. Examples are housework, homework, etc. Remember to identify a few goals that have value to you personally.

If you’re feeling lukewarm about a specific goal, do some thinking as to WHY you feel that way. 

If it’s still something that you NEED (even if you don’t want to do it), try a REFRAME.

This could include focusing on the payoff vs. the time/work it will take to make it happen. Try identifying what life will be like AFTER you reach your goal, rather than on the temporary discomfort you may experience to get there. 

Second: You are likely to perform better when your goals are more specific. For example, instead of “eat clean,” this could be “eat 3 to 5 servings of vegetables every day” or “reduce added sugar.”

One study found that people who focused on more specific goals felt less depression and psychological distress!

Third: Goals should be attainable (not too hard, and not too easy) and align with your personal values. We also recommend you put a time frame around your goals in order to evaluate your progress.

Finally, aligning your goals with personal growth is key. “Self-concordant” goals tend to increase motivation and positive feelings because they are, ultimately, more satisfying. 

If you want more research-backed tips on smart goal setting, check this out:  www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/supersurvivors/201902/5-tips-setting-healthy-goals

Have a tip you use to reach one of YOUR goals? Share it with us below! 

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