Fort Worth's Finest Coffee Spots: A Guide for Fitness and Endurance Enthusiasts

Discover the top coffee spots in Fort Worth, as recommended by the enduraLAB crew, perfect for fitness enthusiasts needing a caffeine boost.
May 29, 2024
 Fort Worth's Finest Coffee Spots: A Guide for Fitness and Endurance Enthusiasts

If there's one thing the enduraLAB crew knows well, aside from smashing fitness goals, it's where to find the best coffee in Fort Worth. Whether you're a visiting CrossFitter here for the CrossFit Games, a runner gearing up for the Cowtown Marathon, or a local gym-goer needing your caffeine fix, we've got you covered. Here’s our curated list of the top coffee spots in Fort Worth, as recommended by our dedicated members and coaches.

Crude on South Main: The Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Recommendation by Ben Gatzke

Ben swears by Crude on South Main for an afternoon cortado. It’s the perfect blend of smooth and bold, providing just the right amount of pep to get you through that post-lunch slump. Plus, the industrial-chic vibe of Crude makes it a cool spot to recharge and refuel.

White Rhino: Americano Excellence

Recommendation by Jay Bjorklund

Jay is all about the americano at White Rhino. With its rich, robust flavor, it's the ideal drink to power through a morning of WODs. The modern, cozy atmosphere of White Rhino is an added bonus, making it a perfect spot to relax or catch up on some work.

Pearl Snap Kolaches: Sweet and Savory Delight

Recommendation by Kristine Kelly

Kristine’s go-to is a vanilla latte from Pearl Snap, paired with a bacon breakfast taco. On days she’s feeling a bit adventurous, she’ll throw in a kolache for good measure. The combination of sweet, savory, and caffeine is a triple threat that’s hard to beat.

Fort Worth Coffee Co.: The Neighborly Choice

Recommendation by Lindsey Schmidt

Lindsey loves Fort Worth Coffee Co., and not just because it’s practically in his backyard. Whether it’s a cappuccino, cortado, or cold brew, Lindsey’s choice depends on the day’s caffeine requirements. The friendly baristas and the warm community vibe make it a standout spot.

Race Street Coffee: The Espresso Expert

Recommendation by Joe and Kathe Chou

Joe and Kathe might not venture out for coffee often, but when they do, it’s to Race Street Coffee. They’re fans of the espressos and the long black, especially since Race Street uses Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters beans. It’s a legit spot for serious coffee aficionados.

Avoca Coffee: A Healthy Twist

Recommendation by Sarah Morford

Sarah’s favorite is the hemp milk latte from Avoca on Foch. It’s a smooth, creamy option that caters to those looking for a dairy-free alternative without compromising on flavor. The relaxed, artsy environment of Avoca makes it a great place to unwind.

Summer Moon: Unique and Smooth

Recommendation by Coach Lee and Kelly Phillips

Coach Lee is hooked on the cold brew “steamed” at Summer Moon, praising its unrivaled smoothness. Kelly, on the other hand, prefers a latte with their signature Moon Milk when she’s not enjoying her Nespresso concoctions at home. Summer Moon’s unique offerings make it a must-visit.

Dutch Bros: Decadent and Delicious

Recommendation by Coach Becca

Coach Becca’s choice is the decadent yet sugar-free Golden Eagle from Dutch Bros. It’s an indulgent treat that’s “pretty sick” in her own words. Dutch Bros’ vibrant, energetic vibe mirrors the excitement of its menu, making it a fun stop for any coffee lover.

Ascension: Supercharged for the Trails

Recommendation by Coach Isis

Coach Isis powers up with a supercharged americano from Ascension, which packs a punch with four shots of espresso. It’s the perfect grab-and-go drink for hitting the Trinity Trails and heading back to enduraLAB, keeping you energized for whatever the day brings.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast in need of a pre-workout boost or a post-run pick-me-up, Fort Worth's coffee scene has something for everyone. Swing by these recommended spots, and you'll be well-caffeinated and ready to tackle your next challenge. Cheers to great coffee and even greater workouts!

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