Foam Roller: It Hurts So Good

October 19, 2021
Foam Roller: It Hurts So Good

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We can’t overemphasize the importance of recovery for optimal athletic performance. One simple, yet extremely effective technique is to foam roll. This affordable and easily accessible manual therapy has been used by coaches, trainers and athletes alike for years.

Foam rolling works because it is a self-myofacial release (SMR) technique. Quite simply, foam rollers let you do your own deep-tissue massage to stimulate blood flow and loosen muscle tissue using your own body weight.   


All pain, no gain? Think again! The benefits of foam rolling are numerous. It can improve range of motion, reduce muscle fatigue and increase short-term athletic performance. Foam rolling has also been shown to increase vertical jump height and maximize muscle force output in athletes. Other reports indicate that foam rolling can ease Fibromyalgia pain and reduce Rheumatoid arthritis pain.


Foam rolling is a straightforward recovery technique that can be done almost anywhere, however there are a few practical applications to ensure optimal results:

“Everyone wants to add volume and/or intensity to their training plan but they never think about how to balance the scales with recovery. If you want to up your game in the gym or out on the trails, you’re going to have to up your game with nutrition, sleep and recovery practices. One of my favorite ways to sneak in recovery in a workout is to always have the foam roller handy and utilize it during breaks between sets/intervals.”

— Coach Lee


When selecting the right foam roller for your body, there are a few models to consider:


While there are several notable foam rolling techniques, we have identified four of our go-to movements.  

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Foam rolling is making great strides in increasing athletic performance through increasing range of motion, reducing soreness after a workout and helping athletes to feel less fatigued. Techniques need to be performed slowly and deliberately, with good posture and form, and on a regular basis in order to be effective. The key to remember is that practicing effective recovery techniques properly will result in lasting athletic growth. Foam roll before and after every workout and the gain will far outweigh the pain.

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