Experience the thrill at Night of the Living Deadlift!

August 20, 2023
Experience the thrill at Night of the Living Deadlift!

Halloween isn't just about costumes and candies—it's about unveiling a side of you hidden the majority of the year and conquering challenges that go beyond the ordinary. What if we told you there's an event that blends the thrill of lifting with the spookiness of Halloween? Get ready to mark your calendars for the Night of the Living Deadlift competition! This event isn't your typical gathering; it's a unique opportunity to lift, socialize, and celebrate Halloween, all rolled into one unforgettable experience.

Event Overview

As the sun sets and the moon rises, our gym will transform into a Halloween wonderland. From eerie decorations to bone-chilling music, the atmosphere will be electrifying. But that's not all—the Night of the Living Deadlift competition is designed to cater to everyone, from seasoned lifters to beginners taking their first steps into the world of deadlifting.

Competition Categories

  1. Best Lift (Male/Female): Lifters with the greatest PR.
  2. Best Costume: Dress up in your spookiest, funniest, or most creative costume and compete for the best-dressed lifter title! **Make sure your costume will allow you to lift safely.
  3. Personal Record: Forget competing with others… this night is all about YOU! Whether you get a 5 lb PR or a 30 lb PR, be proud of your progress!

PR and Skill Levels

Fear not if you're new to deadlifting! This event is about pushing your limits, not about having a certain level of experience. Personal records are encouraged, but they're not mandatory. Our experienced trainers will be on hand to provide guidance and help you improve your form. Whether you're a seasoned lifter aiming for a new PR or a newbie just looking to have a blast, this event has a place for you.

Halloween Vibes

Picture yourself surrounded by pumpkins, cobwebs, and fellow lifters dressed as everything from superheroes to spooky creatures. It's Halloween, after all, and we're here to add some excitement to your lifting routine. The ambiance will be nothing short of magical, creating an experience you won't find anywhere else. Don't be surprised if you're deadlifting alongside a witch or a werewolf—it's all part of the fun!

Socializing and Community

At the heart of this event is the opportunity to connect with your fellow gym-goers and forge new friendships. The Night of the Living Deadlift isn't just about lifting heavy weights; it's about building a community that supports and encourages one another. Between lifts, you'll have a chance to chat, swap training stories, and perhaps even make a workout buddy for life.

Coaching and Guidance

Our team of expert trainers will be available throughout the event to provide tips, advice, and encouragement. Whether you're seeking a little extra help with your deadlift form or looking for pointers to boost your performance, our trainers have got you covered. We believe that support and guidance are key to achieving your goals, and we're here to ensure you make the most of this unique event.


Are you ready to embrace the thrill of lifting, the excitement of Halloween, and the camaraderie of a tight-knit community? The Night of the Living Deadlift competition is your chance to experience all this and more. So, gather your costumes, prepare to lift, and get ready for a deadlift competition like no other.

Secure your spot now and be part of a Halloween event that's bound to leave you with memories, friendships, and maybe even a new PR. #NightOfTheLivingDeadlift

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