enduraLAB's 10th Anniversary Reflections

December 31, 2021
enduraLAB's 10th Anniversary Reflections

The year 2021 added the 10th notch on enduraLAB's belt. We celebrated with the most epic party and took a moment to look back on the last 10 years with founders, Lee and Isis Hargrave. Read below as they reflect on the business’ early days, our first workouts in each of our locations, and some memorable member wins and the roller coaster from the last decade.

enduraLAB celebrated its 10-year anniversary this year. Where did the idea of enduraLAB first come from?

enduraLAB was conceptualized in a boutique shoe store among friends with most likely a craft beverage in hand. They were runners who had been blogging as the running couple and beginning to lead run groups for lululemon. They noticed there wasn't a great resource for endurance athletes in the Fort Worth area and that needed to change. Names were brainstormed and Lee, being the rocket scientist, liked the idea of incorporating a lab and experimental aspect to this resource. Once the name was chosen, the brand built from a website, to run programming, to the first brick and mortar on 7th street in 2011.

Can you tell us any crazy stories about the early days of making enduraLAB?

Ha! Yes, there are many to be told. Isis will first tell you that enduraLAB was born the same week that their first child was born. At first, she wasn't crazy about the idea, but knew it was a passion that needed to be explored. In the early days of the gym, Lee was still working his full time job. He would come in with kakhis and a polo and coach the early morning, lunch and evening classes. Isis would be running the gym with Jack in a baby Biorne. They watched the 7th street bridge being built in the first space and watched hungover Chuy's patrons returning to their cars in their second space.

Do you have any favorite programs/workouts? Any programs/workouts that are truly memorable in their development? Any programs/workouts that were misses?

Isis favorite program is the Buns and Guns program. Her favorite workout has to be anything that has deadlifts in them. Lee's favorite programs are the Project Pull Up and the 30/30 Run Progression. His favorite workout is Big 55.

Isis' most memorable programs are when enduraLAB has traveled for races. Her favorite is the Vancouver Half Marathon. Her most memorable program was project pull up because she *finally* got kipping pull ups and toes to bar! 2021 was such a memorable year for Lee with 4x4x48, Leadville the enduraLYMPICS and 29029...he can't wait for 2022!

As for misses, there were plenty! From our cycling club (Beaker and Cog) to battle ropes and steal maces. You have to accept failure and grow.

What trends are you most excited about in the fitness space?

enduraLAB is not about trends. However, Lee and Isis are excited that wellness and self care are "hot" right now. They think that 2022 is going to be about personalized coaching, in-person classes, nutrition and recovery. They know that people crave social settings and the last few years have created a need for community. They are excited for the resurgence of in-person training and know that the community at the LAB is unlike any other. They are also investing in recovery. Stress is at an all-time high and it's time for people to start focusing on ways to help restore their health and energy. They are bringing in a studio dedicated to holistic recovery in 2022 and expanding the health span of their clients with elite level equipment and services.

Closing out 2021, how do you feel about how far you’ve come in the past 10 years?

"It’s been a crazy and even a down right scary ride at times. We feel really good about the progress we’ve made over the past 10 years. We’ve built a brand that impacts an array of people, from elite athletes to self proclaimed couch potatoes. It truly makes us happy to be able to help make life changing differences in people's lives."

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