enduraLAB Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Anderson

October 19, 2021
enduraLAB Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Anderson

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I came to enduraLAB in late 2016 with a desire to become a better runner. I have become a better runner, but I have gained much more than I ever expected.

At the “LAB” I was told the best way to get better at running was to do the run program coupled with strength training. I did not dis-believe it, but it was all new to me and I was not sure I was going to be able to do it. It was hard and I had to modify exercises with the coaches’ help, yet I kept going due to everyone in the classes helping me through. During one run group training, I told Coach Lee I was not capable of running another mile faster than the last one. His response, “you will never know until you try”, so off I went.  Left to my own devices I would have called it quits for the day. I was winded, tired, and completely convinced that I could not get any faster at my age.  I ran that mile 2 measly seconds faster, but I was faster. In my eyes, those measly 2 seconds were a monumental win.

Over the past year, those measly wins kept piling up until they have become significant wins both in running and in strength training. These wins gave me the confidence to tackle a dream of mine to trek to Everest Base Camp (Completed May 2017); I have PR’ed two half marathons, lost 20+ pounds, ridden a bike across Missouri, been able to do 2 strict pull-ups, all in addition to continually getting stronger.

None of this would have been possible without the coach’s gentle challenges, the expert programming, and the built in cheering section comprised of coaches, friends and other members. I am grateful to have found enduraLAB and excited for the new challenges in 2018 including a full marathon. I will never know unless I try and it is easier with a gym full of people all cheering one another on to personal bests!

“You never know until you try”

— Elizabeth Anderson

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