enduraLAB and Live Lean Rx Partner for DEXA Scan

October 19, 2021
enduraLAB and Live Lean Rx Partner for DEXA Scan

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enduraLAB is excited to announce our partnership with Live Lean Rx Fort Worth! This partnership will bring our clients special access to the golden standard of body composition testing, the DEXA Scan.

The DEXA Scan is a simple 5-10 minute test that is conducted onsite at Live Lean Rx. It measures the proportions of fat, muscle, and bone in the body and is the most thoroughly and scientifically validated method for body fat measurement. Here are the core measurements you’ll receive in your PDF report:

Check out a sample report here

At enduraLAB, we want to bring our clients more than just access to a gym or group classes. We want to offer a more personalized experience. The information gained from the DEXA scan gives our coaches another data point to help develop more effective plans for our athletes’ fitness and nutrition. This means more personalized plans to hit those goals even faster!

If you’re an enduraLAB member and interested in a DEXA Scan click here to receive your discount code and instructions for special pricing at Live Lean Rx.

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