Meet the Intern: Jade Henderson


Hometown. I was born in Thailand but moved to Fort Worth from San Antonio. My mother is in the military, so we lived where she was stationed.  

Degree. I am a senior at TCU studying Kinesiology with a focus in Health & Fitness.

What athletics did/do you participate in? I love anything active whether it’s playing sports or simply being around and learning from other athletes. My favorite activity is beach volleyball, I played in high school and again at TCU.  

What do you hope to do when you graduate? After graduation my plan is to either study physical therapy or open a fitness center, which is why interning at enduraLAB is the perfect fit.

How did you come across enduraLAB? I came across the LAB through Chris Harris. He really enjoyed the experience and highly recommended that I apply for the internship program.

Inspiration. My mother. It’s always been just her, me and my brother. She’s a hard worker and always puts our needs before her own. Fitness inspiration would be Misty May-Treanor. She was a three-time Olympic gold medalist and one of the most successful female beach volleyball players with more than 100 individual championship wins.

How do you keep clients motivated? I believe in positive reinforcement, but I can be tough when necessary. I really try and base my motivational tactics on the person I’m training.

Favorite charity / volunteer organization. I love animals, especially dogs. I’m currently on the lookout for an organization that will work with my busy schedule.  

Favorite workout? I enjoy almost any workout. Fitness is my passion. I will say that I have bad shoulders, so the snatch can be a difficult movement.

Best restaurant in Fort Worth? Vickery Boulevard Café.   

Favorite meal when fueling? Avocado toast topped with an egg.

Favorite workout song? Anything with a good beat!

What are two things on your bucket list? I am always working to bettering myself. I strive to be a faster, stronger athlete. Specifically, I would like to learn to do a handstand walk. Traveling is always on my bucket list. I’d like to visit Thailand, Japan, Italy, Bora Bora, Australia and Africa.