Colten Christensen: November Member of the Month

October 19, 2021
Colten Christensen: November Member of the Month

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What brought you into enduraLAB in the first place? My initial experience with the LAB was two years ago thanks to a couple of friends who later interned as coaches. I was skeptical at first because I had a feeling that when Coach Lee saw me, he only saw a small, weak man. However I knew if we were ever to fight, I could easily overtake him. Ha! Seriously, Coach Lee is one of the most kind and generous guys I have ever met. His deep knowledge of lifting and exercise proved to me that he is a leader I could follow into war.

How did you exercise before enduraLAB? Before enduraLAB, I generally lifted on my own or with my football team. I began lifting at age 12, and immediately fell in love with exercise. Playing football and studying Kinesiology at TCU gave me the opportunity to learn so much more about the science behind lifting and exercising. There is so much that goes into programming for athletes that it can get really complicated. That's what I love about lifting.

What healthy changes have you made since starting enduraLAB? I generally have a pretty healthy lifestyle, so I haven't had to make many healthy changes. I do tend to over eat, but I work out enough to where I it doesn't have a significant effect. I look at it as working out a lot allows me to over eat all the food I love.

Tell us what you do outside of the LAB? I am a former collegiate football coach. I coached at a small DIII college in Milwaukee last year before taking a job with my future father-in-law. This job is what gave me the opportunity to move back to Fort Worth to be closer to my fiance who is a middle school teacher in Saginaw. I also run a few different websites that offer continuing education courses for professionals in fields where they are required to have some yearly "online training" to maintain there certifications. So, if your are a Project Manager, a CPA, or in the cabling business, come and talk to me and I can hook you up.

How have you grown as an athlete since joining the LAB? When I played football at TCU, they beefed me up to 210 lbs. I could throw around a lot of weight, and it was great at the time. After my playing career finished, I didn't want to be the "meat head" anymore. Coach Lee's training at the LAB has helped me shed 40 unnecessary pounds. Some of the weight was muscle, but a lot of it was fat just from being an athlete that was force fed in the cafeteria. I am happy with where I am at now, and I sleep a lot better since losing all the football weight.

What is a goal you have set for yourself in the next 6 months? The next year? I would like to get into Triathlons. I am highly competitive, and since I do not play or coach sports anymore, I need something to satisfy the desire to win. I think triathlons can be that thing, more specifically an Ironman event. Distance running is a new passion of mine, and I need to buy a bike so I can start training. Also if anyone has a long pool they will let me swim laps in, I would be grateful.

If there was a workout named after you, what would it consist of? If there was a workout named after me, it would definitely consist of a series of exercises for time plus a running component. Pretty much a Murph. I love competing against myself, and trying to set a time in my head to beat. The one time I did a Murph, Coach Lee told me to beat 40 minutes. I went over by a minute and a half; I have be pissed ever since. Lee also challenged me to complete the Cowtown Half Marathon in an hour and a half; I failed him by two minutes. What I am trying to say is that Coach Lee is likely extremely disappointed in me, but these times give me the motivation to work harder and make him proud. Coach Lee's like the weird older brother who always makes fun of you, but you continue to try and impress him.

What is your favorite enduraLAB event? My favorite LAB event are the Bud-N-Suds Community Workouts. I a big beer guy. I love a Martin House Pickle Beer right after a good lift.

What is your favorite enduraLAB program/cycle? My favorite program would be the Strength Cycle. Like I've said before, doing workouts that incorporate lifting with running are my go to, as it gives me a competition feel and gets me exhausted by the end.

What advice would you have for a new person starting at enduraLAB? My advice for someone new to the LAB would be to have fun and not stress. The programming is built for everyone, whether they are new to lifting or have been lifting for years. Each person does the appropriate weight for them, and you should always be able to finish. Everyone can trust that the workouts are created for a specific purpose, and the coaches/other members are going to encourage each other to be their best. If you love to sweat, bleed, cry, feel exhausted, experience shortness of breath, but also feel loved, feel known, experience kindness, and develop awesome relationships, then this is the place for you.

Favorite cheat meal/restaurant in D/FW? Best cheat meal is for sure In-N-Out. I'm from southern California, if I could live at In-N-Out I would. I always order two double-doubles animal styles, animal style fries and a strawberry/vanilla shake. I recommend that when you finish eating, go back and order another for later. Do it. You'll thank me.

Where did you go to college? I went to TCU right here in Fort Worth. I played football and studied Kinesiology with a emphasis in health and fitness. I am currently in graduate school studying for my Master's in Leadership and Innovation.

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