Meet Coach Roman


Hometown. Alice, Texas.

Degree. I attended Northwood University and I am currently finishing my bachelors at UTA in Science and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Certifications. Onnit Foundations, Onnit Durability, Viking Ninja White Belt, Viking Ninja Mindful Mechanics, Viking Ninja Bodyweight. I’m currently studying for my Precision Nutrition Level 1 and CSCS (NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) certifications.

Athletic background. I played four years of college baseball along with five seasons of professional baseball.

What do you hope to accomplish at enduraLAB? I hope to bring a consistent mindset that lifts those up around me at the LAB.

Inspiration. My family inspires me every single day. I remember looking up at my mom and dad and promising them everything and more growing up. I don’t break promises.

Favorite charity / volunteer organization. I would love to work with the Special Olympics in the future.  

Favorite workout? I enjoy my Viking Ninja Bodyweight workouts. My least favorite workouts are any workouts without direction/purpose.

Netflix binge. MeatEater.

Current read. Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.

Best restaurant in Fort Worth? Joe T. Garcia’s.

Favorite workout song? Empress by Tribal Seeds.

What are two things on your bucket list? The two things on my bucket list are to find true balance in my life and visit Leon, Guanajuato which is where my family is from.