Back to Basics

October 19, 2021
Back to Basics

Most of our clients come to enduraLAB with their heads full of information. The ocean of health and fitness articles in magazine and newspapers, blogs, tips from their buddies and the ever-growing list of “reality” weight-loss television shows. Of course, having access to all of this information hasn’t necessary made them healthier, fitter or leaner. After all, knowledge doesn’t change behavior.

So why can’t we make any meaningful changes with all of this information at our fingertips? A few things usually happen,

  1. We can’t apply the knowledge - Just knowing something is one of the most rudimentary levels of thought. Comprehension, application, analysis and evaluation are much more difficult. We like to call this the “behavior gap” between knowing what versus knowing how. “I don’t know why I can’t lose weight…I know what to do."
  2. Knowledge overwhelms us - There is so much, and always more to know. Often, our clients have much of the information they need. And arguably, they have too much. They’re bathing in it. 
  3. Media’s mixed messages - Should you do cardio for fat loss? Will lifting weights make me bulky? Is it ok to eat carbs? I heard meat was bad for you? Are supplements good or bad for me? It’s enough to make even professionals confused!
  4. We seek more knowledge to avoid actually doing the work - Just one more book, one more blog, one more podcast, one more online workout on how to get ready for swimsuit season…then I’ll start. We end up knowing too much, understanding too little and way too scared of what we might be missing.

At enduraLAB, we know that we need to stay informed and current, understand whats going on in our field and keep up on the new research. But the most important thing is to be able to translate that information into concrete tasks and cues for our clients. For the Back to Basics blog series, we’re going to serve as your information filter to help you decide what is important and prioritize your energy!

One thing we hope this blog series brings to the forefront is the effectiveness of fundamentals. Nutrition, exercise, recovery…it doesn’t have to be covered in glitter and marketing to work. Too many people waste their time and valuable energy on nutrition and fitness fads that produce, if any, unsustainable results. The things that might make a 2-percent difference are distracting you from the real work that would make 80-percent of the difference!

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.”

— Jim Rohn

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