8 Go-To Whole Food Snacks

Isis Hargrave
May 6, 2022
8 Go-To Whole Food Snacks

Whole foods are the “best case” scenario when it comes to how we should fuel our bodies. We know that they are not always convenient or available when we need to ingest them. However, getting as close to nature as possible would be ideal.

When you do need to go the processed route, aka buy from a bag or a box, you want to check labels and see what added ingredients are sneaking into your foods. Thankfully, there are many companies now that are providing more minimal ingredients foods that are healthier options when you need them.

When thinking about a whole foods snack, you want to try your best to have a balanced snack containing a protein, a carb and a fat. This will satisfy your hungry the best way possible. There are more specific macro ratios for certain athletic events or elite athletes, but for the normal person during a normal day, we will go with a balanced snack containing all three macronutrients.

Here are a few of my favorite snack "recipes":

P- Hard Boiled Egg

C- Fruit

F- Nuts

P- Jerky (unsweetened)

C- Fruit

F- Olives

P- Grilled Chicken Bites

C- Apple

F- Nut Butter

P- Cottage Cheese

C- Berries

F- Nuts

P- Deli Meat (Apple Gate is great)

C- Carrots, Cucumbers

F- Avocado

P- Greek Yogurt (unsweetened)

C- Strawberries

F- Chia Seeds

P- Tuna

C- Bell Pepper Slices

F- Whole30 Mayo

P- Hard Boiled Eggs

C- Steel Cut Oats

F- Flax

These are a few of MY favorite due to my personal preferences, but they are definitely not all that you can do! The combinations are really endless. You just want to combine lean proteins, carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables, whole grains) and healthy fats. 

I also invite you to reimagine what a snack is. Essentially, they are mini meals or should be. You don’t just eat olive oil for dinner… This is an exaggeration, but seriously. For snacks, we don’t just want to eat nuts. We want to complete the “meal.” When opening our minds to what a snack could be, we can start to include smoothies, soups, parfaits, leftovers from dinner, etc.

The bottom line, eating whole foods give you important nutrients and will improver your overall health.

Want to know more about how to fuel your body? Schedule a nutrition consultation with coach Isis and discover how you can make long lasting changes.

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