7 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

June 23, 2023
7 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

Everyone who walks through our doors has a different sport, goal or objective...and we love that. While our Group Coaching program is designed to meet the needs of our large and varied community, when it comes to achieving specific goals, nothing beats private coaching. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase strength, improve technique, prepare for an event, or just prefer a more personal setting, an individually designed program equates to faster results.


  1. INDIVIDUALIZED: Your workouts can be adjusted on the spot by your coach to account for range of motion, ability, lifestyle variables, etc. This type of highly individualized programming can help target deficiencies, identify strengths and yield faster results.
  2. ACCOUNTABILITY: There is nothing more rewarding than setting a goal and achieving it. Your coach will help you do just that. Throughout your training your coach will help guide you towards your goals by listening to your feedback, assessing your progress and putting you in charge. The nature of private training brings along greater accountability that some clients need. 
  3. GOAL SETTING: Whatever your reasons for being here, we will help you identify specific, measurable and attainable goals. Once we have completed your initial assessment and defined your goals we can begin to design and implement your training program.
  4. NUTRITION COACHING: Nutrition is the foundation of health and performance. Your coach will help you develop your nutrition program through a solid understanding of nutrition science and experimentation to determine how foods affect your body. We'll teach you how to fuel the machine.
  5. BUILD SPECIFIC SKILL SETS: Want to perfect your double under, conquer a pull up or dial in your clean and jerk? Private coaching sessions are a great way to focus on and strengthen specific skill sets.
  6. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: Pick your coach and pick your time. Private Coaching can be scheduled anytime during business hours.
  7. SPECIALIZED PROGRAMMING: If you are training for a specific event your coach will tailor your program to meet the needs and demands you will see in your event or sport. This will help you gain a valuable edge over your competition.

All of our private training programs are initiated with a client goal session and movement screening. From here, your coach will design an integrated nutrition and training plan with assessment criteria and frequency to ensure that you reach your goals. Our coaches are life-long learners who have high-quality certifications and experience with producing results for every type of client. From 18 year old guys, to 65 year old women, from level 1 beginners, to level 3 pros, they can do it all. More importantly, our coaches actually care about you and doing whatever it takes to help you progress, in sport and in life.

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