4x4x48 Event Recap

December 7, 2021
4x4x48 Event Recap




Last weekend, 11 enduraLAB athletes participated in 4x4x48, an endurance event where athletes run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. They quickly learned that this was not only a physical test, but an event that would test their mental strength.

On Friday, April 9th, runners took off on the first of twelve 4 mile legs around Fort Worth. After a warm evening run, the athletes began recovering and prepping for their next run at 10 p.m.  For the next 48 hours, the runners lived at enduraLAB, with cots, air mattresses, and lawn chairs to stay comfortable. 

This event benefited the Presbyterian Night Shelter, a homeless shelter in Fort Worth. Mental health is a huge aspect of physical health and something we are very passionate about at enduraLAB, especially with the difficulty of the pandemic in the past year. We believe that the Presbyterian Night Shelter’s mission aligns with our values, which is why we chose the PNS as our beneficiary.

enduraLAB athletes sacrificed sleep and comfort, tested their mental toughness, and pushed their physical strength to the limit. In Texas, we are no stranger to crazy weather, and we experienced three seasons in those two days. From the heat, to wind, to temperatures in the 30s, they ran through it all.  While the challenge itself was tough, the LAB community kept them going whether they joined for a run, brought food, sent encouraging notes, or hosted a cook out. After 50 miles of running, the athletes crossed the finish line and raised over $2,370 for the Presbyterian Night Shelter.

Claire Hill

“I think the reason I would do this again in a heartbeat was the community and the group.  Everyone had an opportunity to make this event about themselves - to run their fastest and recover the most- to not think about the group. But no one did that. Everyone made an effort to make this a group effort where the success of everyone was more important than our individual successes. Everyone looked out for, supported, and encouraged one another. And when the energy got low and things got hard, the larger enduraLAB community showed up for us. I think it speaks volumes to the community that’s been created at the LAB- where people genuinely want to see other people succeed. It was a blast - we spent more time laughing and having fun than complaining. And I think that’s huge considering we completed what was likely the most challenging event of some people’s lives so far.”

Whitney Kelly

“Never did I ever think I’d be running 48 miles in one weekend. I was nervous leading up to the event, but the second it was over, I realized that was one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had. Not many people would consider running 50+ miles fun, but our group made every mile entertaining. I would spend every weekend with these people if I could. The LAB community supported us and donated their time and money to help both the runners and the Presbyterian Night Shelter. This was definitely a weekend I’ll never forget!”

Michael Norris

“This weekend I got to truly experience another example of the community that I call one of my homes. EnduraLAB held their first 4x4x48 Challenge. We had 11 participants from the gym that started running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours straight. This challenge is so mentally taxing due to the sleep deprivation as well as the physical aspect. EVERY gym member finished. While completing the challenge, countless members and friends stopped in to say hi, run with us, ruck with us, bring us food, talk to us, cook us dinner and just write thoughtful notes on the board to keep all of us inspired. This is one of the MAIN reasons the LAB is the best gym in the metroplex. It was so amazing and my heart is full. Thank you all.  I wouldn’t have wanted to do this with a weirder group of family.”

Lee Hargrave

“This weekend pushed all of us physically, but mostly mentally. When you have a tight group that continues to support each other, a lot of goals can be accomplished. This is not your average endurance group...this is a family. Every member of enduraLAB who started this challenge finished it and I could not be prouder of just being associated with them. It’s amazing to watch and even more amazing to be in there with them. I can guarantee that we are all recovering well today and asking the same question, “What’s next?”” 

Matt Hiley

“48 miles. It was brutal. But... Done.

I love all these crazy people at enduraLAB. I can’t imagine running through the city all day & night while completely sleep deprived with a cooler group of people or for a better cause.”

A special thank you to our sponsors: Hiley Auto Group, FitAid, HyperIce, Blissful Sky Studios, Run On, and Martin House Brewing Company. Without our sponsors, volunteers, donors, and participants, we would not have had such a successful event. We are already counting down the days until next year!


























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