Members of the Month: July 2018

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Sage Earnest is our July male member of the month. He has been part of enduraLAB since February, and enjoys the friendly and inviting atmosphere. As a new father, Sage’s fitness goals are to gain strength and endurance so that he can be an active parent. His favorite movement is the snatch. Most memorable workout? The June Buds-N-Suds community workout. 

What brought you to enduraLAB? I had driven by it one day after shooting at Defender. I knew that I need to start working out again especially since my wife was pregnant, and I wanted to be an active dad. I initially joined ClassPass so I could try several different gyms and decided to join full time in February.

What was your first impression? How has that changed? Everyone was very friendly and always introducing themselves. I don't think it changed much; I’m still meeting people. Nobody seems to have an ego, and members seem to be here to better themselves.

What was your first breakthrough moment? I think my breakthrough moment happened a couple of weeks ago. I feel as though I’ve really started seeing results in my strength.

What are your current goals at the LAB? To gain strength, which is coming, endurance, which is a little further out, and then try and cut up a little. My wife wants me to have better abs!

What’s your favorite enduraLAB memory? The June Buds-N-Suds community workout. There were 43 people in the room, and you could tell that enduraLAB is more than just a gym--it’s a community.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about starting at enduraLAB? It doesn't take much effort to get started. Just get off your ass and do it.

What is your favorite movement/lift? Least favorite? I really like the snatch. I feel like it’s a complete body workout. My least favorite is the front squat. I’m not very good at it, it’s uncomfortable and feels awkward.

What do you do for a living? My profession is a Land Surveyor, but I am now a director of oil and gas pipeline operations.

Favorite restaurant/bar in Fort Worth? Del Frisco's.


Our July female Member of the Month is Eliza Stevens. As a full-time nursing student at TCU, Eliza knows just how hard it is to balance school, work and life. She initially came into enduraLAB because she wanted to make exercise a priority. Her breakthrough moment was realizing that after just a month of consistently coming to class, she was significantly stronger. Eliza is working on perfecting her summer body, and has set a goal of three strict pull ups.  

What brought you to enduraLAB? I came to enduraLAB because I desperately needed to get back in shape. Juggling school and life is hard, and I needed to make working out a priority again! I joined enduraLAB because I was looking for a gym environment that would be a place of positive change and allow me reach my personal goals.

What was your first impression? How has that changed? When I first walked into enduraLAB, I was very impressed with the facility. It was very clean with great equipment and seemed like an upbeat environment. The website and social media are well-organized and easy to browse through, which is appealing to me as a millennial!!!! My first impression was positive and it hasn’t changed much! I have grown to love the LAB and the people who make it special.

What was your first breakthrough moment? My first breakthrough moment was realizing that I had gotten stronger after just one month of the Strength Cycle. I set two PRs and I felt so cool!

What are your current goals at the LAB? My current goals are to get my summer bod before summer is over, and to be able to do three strict pull ups at some point before I die.

What’s your favorite enduraLAB memory? The Memorial Day MURPH workout stands out as one of my favorites. There was a huge turnout, and the beer and food trucks after were a huge plus! I enjoyed pushing myself through a hard workout and being on a team who encouraged each other and had fun, too!

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about starting at enduraLAB?For anyone who is thinking about joining the LAB, I would say go for it! It can be intimidating to join a new gym, but the coaches truly go out of their way to bring you in and help you feel engaged and welcome.

What is your favorite movement/lift? Least favorite? My favorite lift is the deadlift. Least favorite movement/lift is anything requiring upper body strength!

Where do you go to college? What are you studying? I am a Nursing major at Texas Christian University. I'll graduate in December!

Favorite restaurant/bar in Fort Worth? Favorite bar in Fort Worth… it’s too hard to pick. I like most places on West 7th. My favorite restaurant is the Woodshed in the summer, there's nothing better!