21 Day Challenge

October 19, 2021
21 Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge

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It takes as little as 21 days to form a habit ... are you ready?

Ring in the New Year with our enduraLAB 21-Day Challenge. Get ready to transform your body and give you the kickstart you need for a healthy 2019.

This is not an ordinary program. The enduraLAB 21-Day Challenge is a quick way to reset your body to healthier eating and exercise patterns, while teaching you positive habits.

The enduraLAB 21-Day Challenge gives you the tools you need to succeed. You will get coach support, accountability and access to the best group workouts in the city.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Commit today and before you know it, you’ll have achieved your first goal of 2019. A healthier, trimmer you.

“I’ve learned so much and look forward to each class. The people are fabulous and it’s never boring. I’m in the best shape of my life!”

Just start. At the beginning.

Many of us are waiting for the “perfect time” with our health, nutrition and fitness. Unfortunately, that is what’s keeping us from growing, thriving and being who we know we have the potential to be.

The perfect moment is now. Here. Today.

All you have to do is start!

We aren’t going to promise results without putting in the work. It will take action and commitment, but you’re worth the effort. Put your body through this challenge, and you’ll trim inches, become healthier, and create long-lasting, easy to maintain lifestyle habits.

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We can help you break up the monumental task of getting fit and healthy into the simplest habits or tasks. The enduraLAB Elements program is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of training under the guidance of one of our world-class coaches. Each Elements member will go through personal fitness and nutrition assessments to determine necessary baselines, set intelligent goals and establish an initial game plan. You will graduate enduraLAB Elements as a part of our gym community, with the knowledge of the enduraLAB methodology and the confidence to tackle any of our group classes! 

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