Why You Should Give a Ruck

Rucking has gained in popularity over the past few years, and rightfully so. While this fitness activity is simple, it's also super effective. "Rucking", or walking while carrying a weighted pack on your back, is applicable to anyone that has the physical capability to walk. Scalable to any fitness level and with the ability to do anywhere, rucking can help you improve your posture, get stronger, increase your endurance and provide a boost to your mental health. 

  • Improve your posture. We live for our technology. We sit in front of computers all day and are glued to our phones. What has this left us with? An abundance of information and poor posture with rounded backs. The great thing about rucking is that the weight of the ruck actually pulls the shoulders back, opening up your chest and naturally improving your posture. Trust us, your lower back will thank you!

  • Get Stronger. Rucking done at any weight is a form of active resistance training. Rucking challenges the core and builds full-body stability. This full-body stability will reduce your potential for injury and increase your performance in other activities. 

  • Increase your endurance. Our favorite benefit about rucking is aerobic conditioning. Rucking elevates the heart rate, giving you the same effect of long, slow distance running while reducing impact. Get ready to experience the rucker's high! 

  • Mental health boost. Rucking gets you outside and gets you social. So much of rucking is the community. It's the driving force behind us starting the enduraLAB Ruck Club. Disconnect from technology, get outside and spend time with a group of friends doing some pretty awesome stuff together. 

  • Calorie Crusher. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that rucking also burns calories...up to 3x as much as walking. In fact, the simple act of going out with your friends for a 90:00 ruck each week can yield up to 10 pounds of fat loss over the course of a year. Better buy a belt!

It doesn’t take much to get started with rucking. You just need a ruck, some weigh and time. If you're interested in rucking and want to meet up with an awesome community in Fort Worth, check out the enduraLAB Ruck Club and sign up for our email list. We hope to see you on the trails!