The Mind is Primary

By Coach Caroline

When I first walked in to Gym Jones, I was a little underwhelmed. A large, open space. Mostly bare walls. There are two small rigs. Some boxes. A back office. This is it? This is where famous people come to train for movies??  I didn’t get it. And then he started talking.

Now, Bobby Maximus is an impressive human. He is large in every sense of the word: tall, broad, crazy ripped muscles, loud booming voice, engaging story-teller. He begins the morning session with a single statement, and paints a vivid picture so we can all understand the importance of this one message. 

The Mind is Primary 

It is something we have all been told since we were children. You can do anything you set your mind to! Dreams do come true! Believe in yourself! But do we believe it when we train? Do we carry that belief into the LAB when we are having a hard day at work or our kids were making us crazy? Honestly, there were days when I would walk into the LAB and see the workout on the board and think to myself, “I just don’t have it in me today.”

After that first day of the Fundamentals seminar at Gym Jones, I walked away with a new perspective on training and on my journey in this industry.  I heard it again, that thing people have been telling me all my life, but I heard it in a new way. The Mind is Primary.

Believe in Yourself: You've Got This

Stop making excuses and do it. Decide to run faster, to lift heavier, to work harder. We have the power to build ourselves up or tear ourselves down. Make up your mind.

Bobby Maximus will be at enduraLAB on October 2nd conducting a seminar for members and their guests. It will be loud, high-energy, thought-provoking and will open your eyes and mind to a different form of training. Come, and bring a friend. And get ready to GET THE F*#! OUT OF YOUR HEAD. (His words, not mine.)