Introducing the BlueWave Weightlifting Club at enduraLAB


Members, you've likely noticed some changes around the LAB over the past few weeks. That's because we are expanding our services to include the BlueWave Weightlifting Club at enduraLAB. The Weightlifting Club will led by Chris Lofland and occupy nearly 800 square-feet along the back wall of the main gym. We hope that you all are excited as we are about the prospect of welcoming more local athletes into our community.

"The decision to partner with enduraLAB allows me to place myself back into the full-time role of coach/trainer. My goal is to build one of the strongest weightlifting teams in the nation, and to do so I needed to be able to shift my focus from business owner to full-time coach," Lofland said.

Coach Chris brings with him a dynamic weightlifting team comprised of nearly 45 athletes, 25 of which will train here at the LAB. Chris also hopes to offer personal training and specialty clinics as part of his overall programming. Members can also look forward to two in-house weightlifting meets each year: BlueWave Weightlifting Championships and Good Vibes. 

BlueWave Fitness was established four years ago, and has evolved into primarily a weightlifting club. Coach Chris has a background in gymnastics and fitness, and believes in a unique approach to fitness training that focuses on developing an individual's understanding and control of their body. 

BlueWave will officially move in on Saturday, October 27. We encourage you to take a minute to introduce yourself to Coach Chris and all of the newest members of the enduraLAB team. We will have more updates about this awesome program as details unfold.  

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