10 Things enduraLAB Does to Keep You Safe

December 7, 2021
10 Things enduraLAB Does to Keep You Safe

Safety is one of the most basic human needs. In order to live our lives to the fullest, we want to feel safe and secure in everything we do. This doesn’t exclude your health and fitness routine. Here at enduraLAB, we care about your safety both in the gym and out of the gym. 

We can’t control everything you do throughout the day, but we take a lot of steps at the gym to keep you safe throughout your workouts and long after. Here are the Top 10 Things We Do To Keep You Safe at enduraLAB.

1. CPR/AED Certification

Our staff and coaches are certified in CPR and AED. We believe this is a necessary part of our training so that we know what to do in case of an emergency. 

2. Coach Education

Our coaches hold many certifications and are involved in ongoing education about movements, form, scaling, and recovery. They know the movements and scaling options to make each workout fit the individual. Remember, proper form is more important (and impressive) than how heavy the weight is! 


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3. First Aid Kits

Our gym is stocked with first aid kits that have everything you need in case of a minor injury. We have all the bandaids, instant ice packs, sanitizing wipes, and even hair ties. 

4. Daily Equipment Inspection

We check our equipment and cardio machines constantly. Not only are we using the same equipment you are, but we have checks set in place to make sure everything is up to enduraLAB Standards. 


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5. The Warm Up

Some people don’t love the warm up. Trust us, a 5-10 minute warm up can work wonders for your workout. Our functional warm ups get athletes prepared for the lifts and movements to come and significantly lowers the risk of injury. So don’t skip it! 




Even before COVID, we had strict cleaning measures in place. We have since improved them to keep the gym COVID free. And guess what?! It works! enduraLAB is still a COVID transmission free location. While we’ve had members who have tested positive for COVID, we’ve had zero transmissions in the gym. This is all thanks to our guidelines and our members who follow them every day!

6. Personal Workout Spaces

Each member is assigned to a designated workout area with all the equipment they need for the day.  This means each athlete has their own set of weights, no sharing of equipment, and plenty of personal space for social distancing. 

7. The Bulldog

You know our fancy Zamboni-looking machine? It’s called the Bulldog, and we run it at least three times a day to clean and sanitize the floors. We don’t miss a single square inch with it, so you can always count on a clean floor for when you do your pushups. 


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8. Masks Required

We know Texas has changed its rules, but we are keeping ours the same for the time being. When you enter or exit the gym, you are required to wear a face covering. Once you get into your area, you’re welcome to take it off. The last thing we want is a mask getting between you and your workout.

9. Taking your Temps

Every time someone walks into the gym, we take their temperature at the front desk. It doesn’t matter if you’re here for 5 minutes or three hours, we take the precautions. We also have hand sanitizer at the front so you can get a pump before we take your temp! 




10. Cleaning Procedures

Every station is equipped with a cleaning solution and a towel. After we use any piece of equipment, we ask our members to clean the touch points before they put it away. We restock our supplies throughout the day to ensure we have enough cleaning supplies for all of our classes. Plus, we keep cleaning even when our members are gone! 

We know safety is important, and we take it seriously. Not only do we take these measures in the gym, but we believe that you being the fittest version of yourself keeps you safe outside of the gym. Moving well means living well. 

If you have any questions about our cleaning and safety procedures, please reach out to info@enduralab.com

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